Wednesday, 8 July 2015

How create filters in webmail horde 5.x

  • First you will need to go to “” in your browser and log into Horde. 
  • Once you are logged in click the ‘Mail’ link.

  • You will then need to click ‘Filters’ link.
  • Then select the ‘New Rule’ option.

  • You will then give the rule a name so that you remember for example ‘X-Spam Status’ so that you know this is a rule for spam emails.
  • From the drop down, you should select ‘X-Spam Status’ or whatever you named the new rule.
  • In the next drop down menu you will leave it set as “Contains”.
  • In the next box you must type the word “yes” this tells horde that whatever emails marked as spam by Spam Assassin should go into a junk folder.
  • Most emails will not be marked as being spam by Spam Assassin so it important to add more filtering rules to be specific on what you want moved into your spam folder.  
  • You will then choose ‘Deliver to Folder’, or choose to delete message completely. If you choose to delete the message it will then be impossible to retrieve any message marked as spam. We recommend choosing the ‘deliver to folder option’ in case some legitimate emails are marked as spam.
  • You will then go to the next drop down box and select the folder you want to place the spam in, or you can choose ‘create new folder’. If you create a new folder you will be asked to provide a name for that folder in this example we created a folder named ‘Junk’.
  • After creating the folder click in the same drop down menu and you will see the folder you just created, select the ‘Junk’ folder from that dropdown, and click ‘Save’.
  • Now we will set up a second rule to help filter more spam messages by clicking ‘New Rule’ again.
  • This rule will also need to be named. You are allowed to use the same name more than once so to keep it simple we will name this second rule ‘X-SPam level’ as well.
  • In the first drop down menu you will select ‘X-Spam level’ from the list of options.
  • Again in the next drop down you can leave ‘Contains’ as the selected item.
  • In the next box we will time in asterisk for example: ‘***’ This tells Spam Assasin how high of a spam filter you want to apply.
  • You can put anywhere from 1 to 5 asterisk in this box. A level of one asterisk (*) is the lowest setting for filtering spam, where as a level 5 asterisks (*****) is the strictest spam setting possible. We generally recommend those who want more protection to stay at a level three asterisks (***).
  • For the ‘Do This’ option select ‘Deliver to Folder’ again, and choose your ‘Junk’ folder from the next dropdown.
  •  You will then want to click on save. In order to apply the filters to what is currently in your inbox click ‘apply filters’ and you’re done! Any spam messages in your inbox will now be in your junk folder!

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